Monthly Archives: November 2013

Giving Thanks

Before we all depart for our family homes and stuff our faces with carbs and butter, I just want to give thanks to my 3-5 readers for the incredible support. Especially the single reader that’s following me on Feedly! (besides myself, of course). I hope you guys will stick around longer than 1.5 months and […]

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Wordier than most

Launching this blog has been a strange experience. As focused as I am in terms of target audience (which varies from 1-3 readers per post), I’m struggling between ideas regarding content and cooking approaches. Realistically, how feasible would it be for any given single person to cook something as elaborate as empanadas? I obviously couldn’t […]

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Let me be your Empanada Mama

Spoiler Alert: I made empanadas. Probably not so obvious: I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re cooking for one. Let me preface this written commentary, and just assert: I love empanadas. There’s a franchise (it’s actually three privately held locations) in New York City called Empanada Mama that makes the best empanadas I’ve ever had. I […]

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