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Giving Thanks

Before we all depart for our family homes and stuff our faces with carbs and butter, I just want to give thanks to my 3-5 readers for the incredible support. Especially the single reader that’s following me on Feedly! (besides myself, of course). I hope you guys will stick around longer than 1.5 months and […]

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Wordier than most

Launching this blog has been a strange experience. As focused as I am in terms of target audience (which varies from 1-3 readers per post), I’m struggling between ideas regarding content and cooking approaches. Realistically, how feasible would it be for any given single person to cook something as elaborate as empanadas? I obviously couldn’t […]

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Let me be your Empanada Mama

Spoiler Alert: I made empanadas. Probably not so obvious: I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re cooking for one. Let me preface this written commentary, and just assert: I love empanadas. There’s a franchise (it’s actually three privately held locations) in New York City called Empanada Mama that makes the best empanadas I’ve ever had. I […]

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Creme Bru-le-le-le-le-le

I know this entry has a lot of words. It’s my first one. I’m working on it.  It’s tough being single. It’s especially tough being single in your late 20’s when all you friends have significant others and most Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights are spent alone, while you keep track of the other peoples’ social lives through […]

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